1. Schaller Tuners

  2. Herringbone soundhole rosette

  3. Ebony fingerboard and bridge

  4. Adirondack Spruce top

standard features on all models

Rust Acoustic Guitars are built with craftsmanship that only personal pride can produce. Only the finest of materials go into each instrument. Handcrafted with the care and attention of old world craftsmanship and the precision of modern methods and tooling.

acoustic guitars

Being a small shop we can offer any type of custom work at a reasonable price.

  1. 12 String

  2. Cutaway Body

  3. Adirondack Spruce soundboard

  4. Custom neck width

options available


Don Rust – Ursa, IL           217 . 964 . 2419          rust913@adams.net

  1. Bound headstock and fingerboard

  2. Abalone rosette

  3. Shaded top

  1. Carbon steel truss rod adjustable through the soundhole

  2. Ebony bridge and end pins with mother of pearl inlay

  3. Bone nut and bridge saddle